Setup Guide

After payment, you will receive details for downloading the game/s.

On your PlayStation 4:

  1. Hold PS button > [Log Out of PS4]
  2. Click [New User] > [Create a User] > [Accept] > [Next]
  3. Enter details you received. And click [Sing In] (this account gets activated as primary automatically)
  4. Enter the PlayStation Store, scroll down and select [Library] START downloading everything that interests you: 

  5. Sign out of the purchased account / Hold PS button > [Log Out of PS4], you do not have to wait for the downloads to complete
  6. Finish downloading the game/s on your OWN personal account. You can track progress at [Notifications] > [Downloads]:

  7. Play the game/s ONLY on your personal account.
  • If there is a lock on the game, either the game isn’t released yet or you did not set the given account as a primary account, to do this do the following:

    Go to our account -> [Settings] -> [Account management] -> Set as primary console for the account.

  • If you got kicked from the account do the following:

    – Log in the account via:

    – Search for the game you bought and click "Download to your PS4"

  • Attention! IMPORTANT

  • Play ONLY on your own account!
  • Do NOT delete the given account
  • Do NOT change anything on the account
  • After downloading is started you don’t have any more access to the account. If you still try to enter the account the game will be locked and your warranty will be discarded.
  • If you have any problems, contact us! EMAIL: [email protected]